[Video] Contestant #17: Bry’Nt

Bry'Nt Cover Model Contestant

Contestant #17: Bry’Nt was asked to submit a personal video and answer key questions along with his submission to allow us to see his human side.

How has this competition affected you in a positive way?
The competition definitely was a boost in my confidence. To witness total strangers rooting for me felt really good because the fashion industry can be discouraging. For the public to embrace me gave me confirmation that I really am on the right path.

When was the last time you helped someone in need?
I would like to think that I help someone in need on a daily basis in unconventional ways. One thing I pride myself in being is a good listener and having a good sense of humor. I believe having a listening ear and laughter are healing. So that’s what I do everyday. I also make music which I also hope helps people.  
How do you handle public scrutiny?
In my opinion public scrutiny comes with the territory anytime you’re doing something great. In the beginning of my career, it would hurt me to be scrutinized, but then I thought, public figures with some of the greatest accomplishments in history have also been scrutinized — so it must go hand in hand. We [the public] always criticize and scrutinize things that go against the grain. For the most part, I ignore it.
What makes a model a model?
In my opinion CONFIDENCE is the number one thing that makes a model a model. One of the goals of a model is to create a fantasy. You want to convince people that whatever you’re wearing, they’d want to wear it. However you look, they’d want to look like that. And however you are, is appealing. The only way to do this effectively is to always exude confidence.
What makes YOU a model?
Modeling is an art form — a form of expression using the body. I think I am a model because I can tell a story with my body and my face. 
What are your Top 3 Dream jobs/campaigns you would like to book and why?
My number one dream job would be becoming a muse for any unknown up-and-coming designer. I have always wanted to be the inspiration behind something a designer creates — and seeing what that would look like and what that would blossom into. Walking in a Versace runway show would be a dream job because when I saw their men’s lingerie I thought that was a bold move and it gave me a new respect for the designer for thinking of something that different and clever. Walking runway for The Blonds would also be a dream job because their designs are so cutting edge and outrageous, I would be excited to see what their line would be like. 
What’s your FAVORITE quote?
“Happy the man who is always on his guard, but he who hardens his heart will fall into evil.” -Proverbs 28:14
Favorite food?
My favorite food is Japanese and anything my mother cooks.
Dream place to travel?
Workout Regimen?
My first workout is around 5:00AM every weekday and consists of four sets of pull-ups, and three sets of dips and some form of ab workout. 
My second workout is around 1:00PM, first jogging one to two miles and then working on a separate muscle group each day for two and half hours.
What’s your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
Facebook – facebook.com/bryntmusic
Instagram – instagram.com/bryntmusic / @bryntmusic

Bry’Nt, are there any people you would like to personally thank?

Anyone that has helped me during the course of my career, thank you! Particularly Ken Knight Jr., Francois Rousseau, Taj Washington, Roger Inniss, and Bethann Hardison. . . Who all took a chance on me when I was first beginning.


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