Photographer Β Osvaldo Padilla
Fashion Editor Β Cesar Alderete
Model Β Alfredo at Bang Management

Shirt β€’ Cesar Alderete
Visor Cap β€’ Forever 21

Suit, Sunglasses, Shirt β€’ ZARA
T-Shirt β€’ Calvin Klein

Jacket β€’ H&M
Sweatshirt β€’ Cesara Alderete
Pants β€’ Calvin Klein

Cap, Socks β€’ H&M
Trench Coat β€’ Vintage
T-Shirt β€’ Pull & Bear
Belt Bag, Pants β€’ Lefties
Sandals β€’ ZARA

Suit, T-Shirt β€’ ZARA
Socks, TennisΒ  ShoesΒ β€’ Vans

Visor Cap β€’ Forever 21
Shirt β€’ Cesar Alderete
T-Shirt β€’ Bershka
Pants, Sandals β€’ Zara
Socks β€’ H&M

Suit β€’ Zara
T-Shirt β€’ Alfredo Diaz Brand
Socks, Tennis β€’ Vans
Sunglasses β€’ Vintage
Bandana β€’ Forever 21

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