[VIDEO] Contestant #7: Charles Hines

Charles Hines Cover Model Contestant

Contestant #7: Charles Hines was asked to submit a personal video and answer key questions along with his submission to allow us to see his human side. How has this competition affected you in a positive way? This competition has affected me enormously. OBVIOUS Magazine helped me gain exposure as a model. Since I have been on OBVIOUS Magazine pages, I have gained over 3,000+ followers including photographers, fashion magazines, models and couple designers from around the world. Such a blessing. When was the last time you helped someone in need? I helped a female aspiring model in a contest just recently. Her Instagram is @lili_ann. She was in a contest in Africa and asked me to post a pic on my page to get more likes which she did. I continued to post until she had the number #1 spot. She came in second place however being that the numbers where so close the judges still selected her to be one of there models. That made my day =). I love helping people achieve their goals. How do you handle public scrutiny? If it’s not positive, I really don’t pay any attention to it. People can be negative towards you but you stooping to there level only gives them a win. In my situation, the good always outweighs the bad. THANK GOD. What makes a model a model? How you carry yourself at all times. It’s the person you are when no one is watching. What makes YOU a model? My attitude not being a follower. The challenges I overcome in life, encouraging and helping others in need, doing what a lot people said I couldn’t and putting all my faith in the GOD. Being a role model to my peers makes me a model. What are your Top 3 Dream jobs/campaigns you would like to book and why? I would love to work for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and H&M. These are my favorite brands and I like the way they present their models. It would be a dream come true to work with any of these brands. I would love to get into acting too. I feel I have the personality for it. What’s your FAVORITE quote? “GOD helps those that help themselves”. If you don’t help yourself it makes it harder for GOD to bless you. Favorite food? My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. I also love fried chicken. Dream place to travel? I would love to visit Cape Town, South Africa. Workout Regimen? I workout about 3 times a week. I do a lot push ups and pulls ups. I am a big fan of Caesar salad. I love calisthenics. I do bench press and sometimes I use my bar at home. Charles Hines, what’s your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Facebook: www.facebook.com/chuckhinez Twitter and Instagram: @Chuckchilllout Are there any people you would like to personally thank? I would like to thank GOD for making me able, my family, friends & followers on Instagram and Twitter for always pushing and motivating me. It would be so much harder without them. They helped make this happen. Special thanks to Brittney Watson for telling me about this competition.


  1. Brittney Watson

    20 January

    I’m so glad that I told you about this competition ; not only are you a great model but your a great person , with that personality anyone would love to work with you ! ; )

  2. Kenndra Brown

    21 January

    Nice! Real nice! And I heard you say you are a job coach. I’m a Rehabilitation Counselor and we work with individuals with disabilities as well and we have job coaches that work closely with some of our clients. But that’s great, I love helping ppl too and I hope Obvious Mag gives you an opportunity to bless their magazine with your handsomeness lol 🙂

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