[VIDEO] Contestant #56: Greg Lusane

Greg Lusane Cover Model Contestant

Contestant #56: Greg Lusane was asked to submit a personal video and answer key questions along with his submission to allow us to see his human side. How has this competition affected you in a positive way? This competition has affected me in a positive way because it took “putting myself out there” to a different level. Not winning yet, and having people call, text, Facebook messaging me saying that I’ve inspired them. That’s all I’ve ever wanted was to inspire others with my actions. When was the last time you helped someone in need? The last time I helped someone in need, was honestly Monday. A Homeless guy was asking for change andI only had $1.50 cash for the bus so I gave it to him and walked to my destination. Besides everyday I’m helping myself by staying true to myself and my word to be a better person and to be disciplined. How do you handle public scrutiny? I handle public scrutiny by simply being mute or taking any negative comments and turning them into positive ones. The world will always criticize you whether you’re doing good or bad, it’s up to you tochannel that into “model behavior”. What makes a model a model? I think being yourself and being relatable makes you a model. We all as individuals have a uniqueness, but still have something that makes us ONE, and that’s remaining true to ourselves and being personable. What makes YOU a model? My imperfections and being flawed, but yet being an inspiration just for being confident and secure with myself to want to be in the spotlight makes ME a model. What are your Top 3 Dream jobs/campaigns you would like to book and why? My top 3 dream jobs/campaigns I would like to book would be Calvin Klein underwear model because people told me I couldn’t with my body type or the amount of tattoos I had. I would like create or be theface of a campaign (if their isn’t one) where young boys who struggle with fatherless issues, help them channel that neglect/frustration into “model behavior” even if modeling isn’t their passion and just carrying themselves knowing anyone could be inspired by them. Lastly, I would like to book a job modeling for Yohji Yamamoto. I feel like his designs are unique, different just like myself/look. What’s your FAVORITE quote? Favorite quote is from Corinthians 5:7 “For we live by faith, not by sight.” Favorite food? Chicken and waffles. Dream place to travel? Milan Workout Regimen? My workout regimen consist of 4-5 days a week. M-T are legs days, W-TH are arms and back, F is full body. Greg Lusane, what’s your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Facebook: www.facebook.com/rio.dinero1 Twitter: krazyvokals IG: krazyrio Are there any people you would like to personally thank? I would like to thank Jerris Madison and the whole team at OBVIOUS Magazine for even considering me. My best friend Rashad Spruill for introducing me to the competition and helping get me likes, and my mom Dashieka Ross and father Greg Lusane Jr. For both coming together and making such a unique looking and outspoken man. Thank you so much OBVIOUS Magazine for giving me grounds to go hard for something I feel I can and will be amazing at.


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