Photographer Β Tiffany Buckley
Fashion Editor/Creative Director Β Phil Keophaphone
Model Β Vincent Sung
Makeup/Grooming Β Roxanne Wilson
Set Design Β Nicole Leth,Β Blake Alvey,Β Amber Andresia

Overalls β€’ Peggy Noland
Cap β€’ Coca-Cola

Top β€’ H&M
Undershirt/Underwear Β β€’ Express

Top β€’ Michelle Überreste
Tank β€’ Sex + Ice Cream
Short β€’ Topman
Sneakers β€’ Y3
Frames β€’ Romanelli Optix
Accessories β€’ Avery Dennison

Coat β€’ Vintage
Top/Cap β€’ Sex + Ice Cream
Pant β€’ Zara
Sunglasses β€’ Etnia Barcelona

Top β€’ Sex + Ice Cream
Pant β€’ Elwood Clothing
Sneakers β€’ Jeremy Scott + Adidas
Frames β€’ Alain Mikli

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