Detroit native, John Glenn stands at 6’0 tall talks about how being bullied made him a stronger man and has dreams of modeling for HBA (Hood By Air). A true hustler with no plans to stop until he succeeds. Though currently unsigned, we believe this is very temporary.


Agency, if any:
Not signed to any agencies (YET)




Where were you born:
Detroit, Michigan


Zodiac Sign:

Favorite things:
Contemporary art, music, nature, and trying different cultural cuisines.

Music I’m listening to at the moment:
SZA whole album, of course!

Favorite movie(s):
Girl’s Trip / Set It Off !!

Favorite designer:
Phillip Plein

Dior Sauvage

What would I be doing if I weren’t modeling:
Definitely finding my way into the creative field as a graphic designer designing logos.

Uncool that I love anyway:
Being bullied as a kid for being gay/too flamboyant. I love it now because it’s made me the strong, intelligent and confident man that I am today!

Favorite modeling experience:
Honestly, working and finally getting to meet Jerris Madison! I’ve never worked with someone who’s given me so much LIFE during a photoshoot.

Best thing about my hometown:
Although others who aren’t from my city say negative things about it, there’s one thing that always comes to mind when you hear the name DETROIT. We are some go-getting ‘hustlers’ and we won’t stop until we get what we want!

Brand I’d really love to model:
HBA (Hood By Air)

Place I’d love to visit:

Currently obsessed:
Meeting new positive people that can make an impact in my life.

Photographer/Fashion Editor, Jerris Madison

Feature Image: SweaterΒ β€’ Zara
All Black:Β  Jumpsuit β€’Β Zara,Β Shoes β€’ Kenneth Cole, Bracelet β€’ H&M
Blue Look:Β Suit/BandanaΒ β€’ TOPMAN, Sneakers β€’ Zara


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