Conversing with DJ Suspence

Maryland-based, DJ Suspence talks about becoming a DJ, dream gigs he would love to spin and not having sex appeal.
Interview | Photography  Jerris Madison
Model  DJ Suspence
Photography Assistants  Joseph James Hall, Nicholas Giuricich
Special thank you to West St. Studios, Brooklyn

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Conversing with DJ Suspence

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Sweatshirt  H&M
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What’s your nationality?

An interesting question that I get asked all of the time. My nationality is as follows: I am a Greek and American citizen. I was born in Greece and lived in the United States for the majority of my life.

Where do you reside?

I live in Maryland, located right outside of Washington, DC.

What types of music you gain inspiration?

I love all music and all genres. Some more than others, but I do truly love all music. Music that has a heavy influence of rhythm and beats draws me in. Lyrics are important too. Just because the beat of a song is dope doesn’t necessarily make it a song that will pull me in, however, that certainly is a good place to start. House Music, Hip-Hop, and R&B are a few music styles that are towards the top of my heap of music style favorites.

What inspired you to become a DJ?

I used to promote clubs for a good 10+ years. I hired DJs and often marveled at the job that they had. There is something special about playing mu- sic that you did not create and blending it together to influence people to move, dance, or feel some- thing. I always stood on the sidelines and watched these masterful artists make their followers and fans do some of the craziest things on and off the dance floor. I guess I wanted to have that ability. Moreso to make people feel something that motivates them to do something.

When I look in the mirror, I think I see all the flaws within myself

What are your dream gigs and clients you’d like to spin?

My dream gig/client would allow me to do whatever I wanted to do musically. And, have a crowd of people who are eager to ride with me on a musical journey that starts with every participant coming into the set dry and leaving completely soaking wet while screaming, “DJ SUSPENCE IS A BEAST!” (smiling).

When we released your cover, women loved your beard. Is there a story behind your beard?

Firstly, I want to thank the Editor in Chief and photographer, Jerris Madison for shooting me! It was an honor to work with him and his team. And, to answer your question, I was shocked and proud to be on the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine. I never really embraced my beard throughout my life, it always seemed to grow weird, and before it turned gray, I used to shave it all of the time and sport the “clean” face look. I was on vacation and decided to let it grow. The reaction I was getting from having my beard was amazing. It was at that moment that I realized that my beard was something that enhanced my look and that I should consider keeping it (in spite of it being gray). I think I haven’t shaved my beard off since that vacation, and the compliments just make me realize more and more that I made a wise decision.

Do you feel you have sex appeal?

Who me? Naw… Not at all. It’s funny I get compliments, and people tell me how handsome I am, and it seems far more often than I could ever imagine. I don’t see it or understand it. But, I am grateful that people do. When I look in the mirror, I think I see all of the flaws within myself. My manager, Joseph James Hall, will hate this answer, but it is true. I just don’t get it. When I look at myself, I just see me. Certainly not anything that is sexy!

What’s your ideal date?

Believe it or not, I am an introvert. I like to do things at home. My ideal date is eating a good meal (notice I didn’t say me cook- ing the meal, I said me eating it – SMILING), listening to some good music, and then retiring to the bed and having a good night sleep 😉

Dream vacation?

I would love to return to Athens, Greece. I haven’t been back since I was a child and returning home in any capacity would be a dream come true!

What’s next for your career as a DJ?

Continuing to perform in shows and produce music. I am already working with several new artists to produce original music and also remixing music that has already been created to add a DJ Suspence musical flair, style, and bang!

How do you handle negative social media responses, if you get any?

We all get negative comments/energy from people who are on social media sites. Depending on the subject matter, sometimes I respond and sometimes I ignore the comments and statements that made. I try to focus on my goals which include getting my name, face, music, and style out into the world. I understand that everyone is not going to love me, and some will even hate on me. But, I am here to bring joy and happiness through music and hopefully my imagery. That is what I focus on more than anything. I brush the negativity off and focus on the positive.

Instagram: @trspencermd
Twitter: @TRSpencerMD


Photography  Jerris Madison
Model  DJ Suspence
Photography Assistants  Joseph James HallNicholas Giuricich
Special thank you to West St. Studios, Brooklyn

Jeans  H&M




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