Recently while in Vancouver, BC, to speak at TED Vancouver, I discovered Coast Cricket ProteinΒ Bars simply packaged in brown paper and put two in my backpack. Once I returned home to Los Angeles, CA while sitting at my desk, I decided to eat one. I was so impressed with the taste, I posted it on Instagram.

Unbeknownst to me, I look at the packaging again and realized the protein bar was made with ‘crickets‘. Generally, I’m super picky about the food I choose to eat, however, the great taste peaked my interest (I tried the peanut butter flavor). How in the world are these crickets? Upon further research, I browsed Coast Cricket Protein‘s website to find out more and called them for an interview.

How did it feel doubling your Kickstarter goal (see video below)?
It was an incredibly rewarding feeling hitting over 200%. We have a very unusual product that we all believe in and it was the first time that we really saw a mass public appeal for it in a very tangible way.

When do you plan to launch your protein powders?
We will be fulfilling all of the Kickstarter orders in mid to late June, that will include all of the orders we got for our protein powders. Once we get that large order complete we will go straight to retail and e-commerce sales with our powders at the end of June.

Where is your first U.S. stopping point to sell Coast Cricket Protein products?
We’re focusing on the west coast, beginning with Seattle, then LA and beyond for retail. For online sales, we will be making our products available across the US.

Why was it important to create a brand that is environmentally-friendly?
We all grew up in British Columbia surrounded by nature so protecting the environment has always been a high priority in our lives. Our goal was to create a brand that we wanted to see exist, with products that could have a real positive impact on the planet. Consumers are much more educated today. They don’t just choose what looks good or tastes good anymore, they make decisions based on the values and social/environmental impact of a brand.

How has social media helped your brand?
Millennials, young families, and people who live lifestyles of health and fitness are our main customers. All of them use social media regularly. It has allowed us to have one-on-one conversations with them in a very down to earth way that no other one-way communication medium could achieve. Natural partnerships with other sustainable brands formed, fans have been able to reach out to us directly, and bloggers organically feature our products regularly. We’ve even booked events and new retailers directly through social media so it’s been hugely helpful.

Facts via Coast Cricket Protein

Coast Protein Nutritional

Highly nutritious.

Crickets contain a lot of protein, but they are also full of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, Omega 3 & 6 and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Complete Protein.

Unlike a lot of other protein sources, crickets are a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and repair. So they don’t need a pile of extra supplements to fill in the gaps.

Less water.

Compared to cows, chickens, and pigs, crickets require massively less water for the same pound of protein. This is because insects become fully hydrated just from the food that they eat.

Less emissions.

Crickets leave a much lower impact on the planet than other protein sources. Compared to cows, crickets product 100 times less greenhouse gases for the same pound of protein.

Less land.

Crickets even require less land than other animal proteins. Where cows require 200 square metres of land for one pound of protein, crickets only require 15.

Check out the video below to get more insight about the brand and why we now love cricket-based protein bars.






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