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Small Business Classifieds

Emerging Brands You Should Know About

Starting a new business or running an existing business primarily in the Digital Age of Social Media can be perplexing when you’ve worked so hard to get the word out about your brand. This is a great opportunity to see your brand globally in print and digital. We’re here to help!

OBVIOUS Small Business Classifieds is a community of emerging small businesses looking to expand their reach on the Internet through our platforms. This new venture is set in place to give you an extra boost without breaking the bank and getting a high Return On Investment.

Small Business Classifieds




Details and Introductory Rate

Here’s how you will benefit:

  • 2×3.5 Business Card Ad (including your business name, website, Instagram handle). See above example. RL Body Therapy is a recipient.
  • Ad Feature in print and iPad app in the September/October 2018 Issue Dropping September 20, 2018. Click here to view PDF layout for the feature in print and Ipad
  • Brand Featured Interview on obviousmag.com Blog under ‘Ask A Brand’
  • Instagram Stories Feature with ‘Swipe Up’ and Tag. You choose your feature date.
  • Conversion Tracking for Bit.ly links on ads on obviousmag.com. You will receive a report after 60 days via your preferred email.

Introductory Rate: $250 for a limited time (ends September 13th). The rate based on a first come, first serve. This promo will end once we fill the ad space in the print and iPad edition. We only have space for 47 brands.

Want to be featured on our Facebook Page too, add +$250 with your brand tagged in the post. (Facebook 1.5M likes / Post Reach per month 4.3M. Savings: $2500 for all placements).

The classified section will update every 60 days (2-months) and gives other brands the opportunity to gain exposure.

Want to apply? Send us an email via our contact us page.