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Olumide Onajide

Olumide Onajide | WEST PATERSON, NJ | 6′ 2 | AGE: 23 | Instagram:@Airnigeria30 | Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I feel cover worthy because I have a unique personality and look that allows me to excel in this model industry. Being on the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine can benefit me in numerous ways. First, it will allow me to showcase myself and get exposure from numerous people all over the industry. Second, it will give me the reassurance that I indeed have what it takes to make it big in the industry. Third, it will allow me to show my family & friends that I can come from nothing and become someone in life. This opportunity not only benefits me but it can lead to other opportunities in the future which can give me the financial support to take care of my family and close ones. Hardworking, Loving, Courageous

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