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Wilson Cheung

Wilson Chiyeung Cheung | NEW YORK, NY | 6′ 0 | AGE: 24 | Instagram:@willllyc | Why do you feel you are cover worthy? We all know that Asian-Americans are not often seen on magazines covers. As an aspiring Asian-American model, I hope I can be on the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine and show everybody that Asian-Americans can do it as well. | 3 Words that best describes you? Friendly, Humble, Inspiring

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  1. Love his look! Can’t wait to see the magazine grow. Hope to see him as one of the final two 😉 keep it up wilson! I’m rooting for you!!!

  2. I think he would be a great model for the cover. His look very unique, interesting, and compelling. I’ve also seen his instagram he has lot of pictures they are all amazing. He’s very multi-talented and someone like this should definitely be on the cover. I wish him the best of luck.