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Arrington Crawford

Arrington Crawford | WILLINGBORO, NJ | 5’10 | AGE: 29 | Instagram:@thebillionbrand | Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I know I bring a certain unique level of timeless charisma and confidence in front of the camera. Those two elements are needed for any front cover to grab the attention of your readers and give them an expectation that raises their anticipation high. This opportunity benefits me in so many ways, but most importantly helps to build my portfolio with a greater substance which produces a greater value of me as a model brand. It will also help me to get before many others in the world that might not yet know about me while helping me to represent all the males all around the world with a positive and classy image to help other males gain encouragement that they can make it as well. TIMELESS, CONFIDENT, HUMBLE

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  1. Arlington Crawfard should be the clear choice