Ricky Lampkin | ATLANTA, GA | 6′ 1 | AGE: 33 | Instagram:@_rickybernard | Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I spent many years letting fear and doubt keep me from living my dream of being a model. Now that I’ve decided to pursue a career in modeling, my courage has been an inspiration to my family & friends. Being on the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine and telling my story will inspire so many people that thought it was too late to follow their dreams. In addition, I have a spiritual light inside of me that shines brightly. The light shines outward and gives me a look that catches people attention and draws them in. I am an up-and-coming model. The opportunity to be on the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine will give me quality experience and expose. | 3 Words that best describes you? Gregarious, Charismatic, Spiritual


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