We’ve selected 10 movers and shakers and the ‘newbies’ in the world of men’s fashion. There are so many others, however, you’ll appreciate this group of men and their impact on the industry. A continuation will be coming soon.

Illustrations by Russian Artist Kai Karenin

David Agbodji
Country of Origin: Togo
Agencies: Re: Quest NYC, Click LA, Unique Denmark Copenhagen, Success Paris, Mega Agency Hamburg, d1 London, I LOVE Milan, Sight Studio Barcelona
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Calvin Klein S/S 10 & F/W 10, EXPRESS Fall 2011, Banana Republic F/W 11, ‘By Himself’ (Self Portraits by David) WAD Magazine Editorial.
Why We Love Him: David seems like a man that doesn’t take himself too serious and enjoys life, which is apparent through his work. Attractive traits to have when pleasing clients.

Underwear  Calvin Klein

Brian Shimansky
Country of Origin: USA
Agency: SOUL ARTIST NYC, Premier London, d’Management Milan
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: D&G S/S 09, ‘Live Flesh’ Hercules Editorial, ‘Anatomy of a Murder’ Arena Homme Editorial.
Why We Love Him: Brian is the true ‘guy next door’ with great features and hair, totally effortless. He has a lengthy career ahead.

Cap  Y-3

David Gandy
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Agencies: Select Model Management, DNA NYC, Heffner Seattle, Why Not Milan, View Barcelona, IMM Bruxelles Brussels, New Madison Paris
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Dolce & Gabbana! David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana Book (a must have).
Why We Love Him: David Gandy radiates humbleness. We watched him over the years and he seems to get better each year. After reviewing his book by Dolce & Gabbana you will understand who he is and what’s important to him.

Underwear  Dolce & Gabbana

Luis Borges
Country of Origin: Portugal
Agencies: DNA NYC, Next London, MGM Paris, Elite Milan, 2pm Copenhagen, Mega Agency Hamburg
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Tommy Hilfiger F/W 11, Tom Ford, Benetton F/W 10
Why We Love Him: THE HAIR! Luis is the cool kid in school everyone wants to be around. More to come from him!

Eyewear  Tom Ford

Noah Mills
Country of Origin: USA
Agencies: Wilhelmina NYC, Why Not Milan, Louisa Munich, Unique Denmark Copenhagen, Models 1 London, New Madison Paris, Sight Studio Barcelona, Nest Model Management Berlin.
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Tommy Hilfiger F/W 11, Lacoste F/W 11, Dolce and Gabbana F/W 11
Why We Love Him: No suit exists that this man can’t sell. He knows his market and how to utilize it to his advantage.

Necklace  Baiba Ripa

Sacha M’Baye
Country of Origin: France
Agencies: Select London, New Madison Paris, Why Not Milan, View Barcelona.
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Burberry S/S 11, Esprit S/S 11, Dolce & Gabbana Gym F/W 11.
Why We Love Him: He is a silent threat. We love a model that’s slightly under the radar then, BOOM! You heard it here first.

Scarf  Burberry

Sean O’Pry
Country of Origin: USA
Agency: VNY
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Hugo Boss S/S 12, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Frangrance S/S 12, ck Calvin Klein Accessories F/W 11, Zara F/W 11, Versace F/W 11.
Why We Love Him: Sean is truly a ‘working model’! He consistently delivers. He is one of the few models that books the minimum of 5 high profile campaigns a year. Sean is a model that never produces bad images.

Shirt  Gucci

Tony Ward
Country of Origin: USA
Agencies: DNA NYC, Premier London, Why Not Milan, Unique Denmark Copenhagen, Bananas Paris, View Barcelona, Photo[Genics] Los Angeles, Next Company Vienna, Nest Model Management Berlin.
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: H&M Holiday 2011 Campaign, Desigual F/W 11, Wrangler Blue Bell S/S 11, Dolce & Gabbana S/S 11.
Why We Love Him: Tony Ward is the male version of Linda Evangelista, but in a masculine way. His versatility is amazing. He’s almost 50 years old standing 5’10” and delivers sex appeal, edge, fashion! Tony has been a male model icon since the 80’s.

Shirt  Desigual

Stephen Thompson
Country of Origin: USA
Agency: Major NYC
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Karen Walker Eyewear S/S 11, Givenchy S/S 11, Wallpaper Magazine ‘Fashion Victims’ Editorial, Daniel Peddle’s film, The Aggressives.
Why We Love Him: His albino look and his facial features. There’s currently no one in the industry that looks like him (with his features or hair color). He has so much more to present in the future and we’re looking forward to it.

Watch  G-Shock

Seth Kuhlmann
Country of Origin: USA
Most Noted Campaigns/Editorials: Chanel Film: The Tale of a Fairy directed by Karl Lagerfeld, Seth Kuhlman: A Day with Bruce Weber V Man Editorial, The Heartbreak Club Vogue Hommes International Editorial.
Why We Love Him: Seth is another ‘guy next door’ model with a fresh face and a slight edge. We believe 2012 will be big for him. Watch and see.

Cologne  Bleu de Chanel

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