We’re pleased to present the Top 10 Finalist for our Cover Model Competition. The finalists were selected by their peers. The winner revealed on January 11.



DIYASHA SMITH | CHARLOTTE, NC | 5’6 | AGE: 22 | Instagram:@DiyashaSmith

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I am worthy of the OBVIOUS Mag cover because I represent strength, beauty, class and embody the essence of a conqueror. I’m here on earth to show people that no matter what you have been through in life when you put faith in God and yourself doors will bust open before you to impact the world. This opportunity will benefit me by being able to bring value to the OBVIOUS Mag team and raise the standard for the platform that you have already built. I always go into situations not focusing on what it can do for me but what I can do for the opportunity and be transparent about the mental health side of the industry that most people don’t get to see.

3 Words that best describes you? Goofy, Fierce, Adventurous


KEMOI CHARLES | ST. THOMAS, US VIRGIN ISLANDS | 5′ 11 | AGE: 22 | Instagram:@iamkemoi8

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? Many people create with a brush and paint. I like to make something beautiful when I model. The art of posing and telling a story without using words is what inspires me. Having this opportunity will allow me to create a better platform for aspiring black male models who are trying so hard to be recognized but are not such as myself. I will be able to tell them that, yes hard work pays off and dreams do come true once you stay driven. I have missed work and traveled abroad to work with photographers. Nevertheless, I believe having this opportunity can enhance my knowledge as a model and provide me with the proper exposure needed to take the next step in my career.

3 Words that best describes you? Ambitious, Athletic, Hard-Working


KEIMANTE’ WRIGHT | PHILADELPHIA, PA | 5′ 10 | AGE: 21 | Instagram:@keimantew

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I have the perfect face to be on a cover. With makeup or without, my bone structure and skin tone will be perfect for it. This opportunity would benefit me, ’cause I would get noticed and booked for so many things.

3 Words that best describes you? Cheerful, Confident, Humble


KEYSEAN STARKEY | IRVINGTON, NJ | 6′ 4 | AGE: 22 | Instagram:@keyseanmodelsofficial

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? Being creative, social, outgoing, open-minded and last but not least obtaining “The Look” molds a perfect face to be on the cover of OBVIOUS Magazine. I believe that I obtain all of the characteristics and attributes above. For that, I feel that I would be an amazing asset and worthy to be on the cover.

3 Words that best describes you? Honest, Vibrant, Adaptive


DARRELL JOHNSON | WEST SACRAMENTO, CA | 5’11 | AGE: 17 | Instagram:@mightibe_

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I feel as if being on the cover of this magazine would be a dream come true. I’ve wanted to start modeling for a long time now. I feel this opportunity would jump start my modeling career.

3 Words that best describes you? Intelligent, Outgoing, Confident


FRANCIA FONSECA | ORLANDO, FL | 5’7 | AGE: 25 | Instagram:@francia.themodel

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I am a completely new face for the fashion world. I am decided to model for life and this would be a great start. This is the first cover I’ve applied for and I would be absolutely thrilled and honored, and forever thankful for the opportunity.

3 Words that best describes you? Smart, Lucky, Beautiful


GREGORY MARCELLE | RICHMOND, VA | 6′ 3 | AGE: 25 | Instagram:@Marcelle39

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I feel like I am cover worthy because I will be a positive image for OBVIOUS Magazine. I am currently a Therapist and Counselor in Richmond, VA where I work with children every day to help them build their confidence and self-esteem along with other life skills. I believe that my image will help create a platform to not only help others in my community dream bigger but to empower them to believe in themselves and to know that life is limitlessness. I believe that this opportunity will allow me to network with other people and open up opportunities for me in the future to advance in a modeling career.

3 Words that best describes you? Passionate, Confident, and Socialable


DA’NASIA HAMM | DENVER, CO | 5’9 | AGE: 19 | Instagram:@danasiajamee_

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I feel I am cover worthy because of my unique look and versatility. I am known by peers and supporters to be very generous and looked to as a role model. The benefit for myself from an opportunity like this is to make a difference in the fashion industry and to be a part of one of the fashion industries most prestigious and edgy magazines. I want to be the change to how beauty is perceived. In today’s society beauty is seen only skin deep. There is so much more to a person’s beauty. Being a woman of color, I want to encourage all men and women of color to embrace their beauty.

3 Words that best describes you? Compassionate, Determined, Versatile


DENNY LONDON | PHOENIX, AZ | 6′ 0 | AGE: 25 | Instagram:@Dennyandthecity

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? The reason why I feel like I’m cover worthy is because I represent a dream. I started getting into modeling when I was in high school and got discouraged because I was overweight and insecure about my looks but I didn’t let that stop me. I kept going and eventually lost the weight and now I’m ready more than ever to a be model and represent diversity and to inspire those who may have the same dream as me and with me being on the cover and my story I believe I can achieve that by being the cover model for OBVIOUS Magazine.

3 Words that best describes you? Determined, Ambitious, Focused


AMBER MONTAGUE | NEWARK, DE | 5′ 9 | AGE: 21 | Instagram:@ambermanaz

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I feel that I am cover worthy because I have a great look that is different from others and I am confident in myself that I would rock the cover. Modeling in my eyes is a beautiful gift God gave to me and I won’t stop until I’m at the top. I want to give women hope to not only follow their dreams but also to never give up. While pursuing my dreams and aspirations, I want to make a difference in this world for the better. An opportunity with OBVIOUS Magazine would help my modeling career take off in so many ways. Thank you for this platform.

3 Words that best describes you? INFLUENCE, CONFIDENT, LOYAL

One of these models will be on our March/April ‘Model Issue’ Cover. We wish them luck.



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